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IT Planning for Year-End and New Information for 2017

November 28, 2016
By now your 2017 budget is probably nearing completion. Before your budget is set in stone, we wanted to remind you to not neglect your organization’s technology spending. In order to help you understand the areas you should focus your IT budget on, we have compiled a list of areas you should consider focusing your planning around. In 2016, secur...

Consider Deploying a Red Team at Your Business

November 14, 2016
This blog post originally appeared at Protecting a company from attack by third parties intent on stealing money, data -- or both -- is a constant challenge. Companies must anticipate where the threat is the most severe and defenses are the weakest and dedicate the appropriate resources there. However, given the complexi...

Crafting Your Small Business Elevator Pitch

November 3, 2016
You're starting a new business and it's the most exciting thing you've ever done. How do you convey your enthusiasm and make the best possible impression? You need an elevator pitch, a concise, persuasive story that sums up your business in no more than a minute. The term elevator pitch comes from Hollywood, where producers would try to sell thei...