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LinkedIn Data Breach Appears to be Worse than Expeted

May 24, 2016
Back in 2012, over 6.5 million LinkedIn users fell victim to a data breach. During this breach users' login info (usernames and passwords) were stolen. New information has been discovered stating that over 100 million records may be compromised and LinkedIn has begun emailing users to let them know they should change their passwords.  This ha...

Key Considerations Regarding On-Premises vs. On-Demand CRM

May 11, 2016
In a recent report, Forrester notes that on-demand CRM is becoming the default choice as buyers look to see if this approach meets their needs before they seriously consider an on-premises CRM. A look at the numbers supports that viewpoint. Analysts forecast that in 2016, one-third of all spending on customer relationship management softw...

Facing a HIPAA Audit: What to Know

May 4, 2016
Our affiliates, Yeo &Yeo CPAs and Business Consultants, recently posted an excellent article about what to know when facing a HIPAA audit. We thought this article would be great to share with you as well. To read this post, click here.  © 2016