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300+ New Ways to Train Your Users to Think Before They Click

January 18, 2017
Over the past year, we have told you about Security Awareness Training and all of the benefits it provides. Having users who think before they click is one of the most valuable firewalls your organization can invest in. Now we are proud to announce a new level of training with over 300 new ways to keep users from clicking on malicious content. ...

Consider Deploying a Red Team at Your Business

November 14, 2016
This blog post originally appeared at Protecting a company from attack by third parties intent on stealing money, data -- or both -- is a constant challenge. Companies must anticipate where the threat is the most severe and defenses are the weakest and dedicate the appropriate resources there. However, given the complexi...

​Security Awareness Training

September 25, 2016
CyberSecurity for your Organization Take a moment and think about all of the security features that are used to keep your organization’s network safe. There are passwords and firewalls that help keep the bad guys from your vital information. But all of these security measures don’t mean a thing if someone clicks a malware link inside an email. As ...