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YYCC Secures Two-Year REMC Contract for Ergotron Products

Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting has secured a two-year contract with the Regional Educational Media Center Association of Michigan (REMC), to sell Ergotron products. As of January 1, 2017, our REMC contract allows us to provide special, pre-approved, bid pricing to schools, local and state government, and teaching hospitals. 

The benefit for REMC approved clients and prospects is that they can purchase from this contract without having to go to bid. All approved entities can make a purchase by visiting the REMC website and finding the Ergotron product they wish to purchase.

YYCC began exclusively offering Ergotron’s ergonomic solutions to clients in June 2016. President Jeff McCulloch said offering a solution like Ergotron products that focus on health, has been a great complement to the services provided by YYCC.

“We deal with clients from a number of different office settings and markets. Being able to offer them a product that helps them improve their productivity and health gives us an added sense of pride,” Jeff said. “Ergotron products are a great fit in IT, providing creative, innovative and provide countless benefits."

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What is REMC?

The REMC Association of Michigan began operation as a 501©(3) nonprofit in 1969. REMC provides leadership for educational organizations across Michigan. Since 1990, schools that have REMC contracts have saved over $729 million.

Contact Pearl Moore ( if you would like to receive pricing information. You may also visit our REMC Portal here

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