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Get Behind the Hype to Real-world Value

Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting

Are you looking to boost your business efficiency and agility? Is your data center showing its age, unable to handle current growth rates, and unable to deliver the performance required by applications such as big data, analytics and mobility? Are you looking to reduce the cost and ... Learn More

Make Cybersecurity a Priority for Your Construction Business

Gus Hendrickson

Is cybersecurity a priority for your construction business? Let’s explore why it should be. Reports show that the construction industry is a Top 5 cyberattack target, with some ranking it as high as number 3! Construction executives may think that ... Learn More

Windows 7 Will Reach End of Life in January 2020

Devon Humpert

Well … it’s been a good run. Possibly the most widely-used operating system – Windows 7 – is finally being phased out. On January 14, 2020, Extended Support will end for Windows 7 (Service Pack 1). However, another operating system, Windows Server 2008, will precede Windows 7 to ... Learn More

3-2-1 Backup: The Golden Rule for Disaster Recovery

Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting

When it comes to maintaining a disaster recovery plan for your organization, the 3-2-1 Backup Rule is the gold standard. For many years, we have worked with clients to implement effective disaster recovery plans, and we live by this ... Learn More

Cloud-like Agility that’s Cost Effective and Easy to Use

Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting

Meet Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Series ThinkAgile HX Series integrates Nutanix software onto Lenovo’s highly reliable and scalable servers for dramatically acceleration of time to value and reduce infrastructure maintenance time and costs. Get extreme reliability, dependable security, extensive and predictable scalability, simplified management, and faster ... Learn More

What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure?

Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting

HCI stands for Hyper-Converged Infrastructure and is an IT framework that combines storage, computing and networking functionality into a single software solution or appliance. Hyperconverged solutions contain a hypervisor (virtual machine monitor) for virtualized computing, virtualized networking and software-defined storage functionality. ... Learn More

6 Ways to Combat the Threat of a Cyberattack

Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting

The best way to defend your organization against a cyberattack is to take proactive steps now, before an attack ever occurs. That way you'll be prepared if your organization is targeted. Attacks often begin with phishing schemes. Typically, someone within your organization would ... Learn More

8 Reasons to Upgrade to Sage 100cloud ERP

Yeo & Yeo CPAs & Business Consultants

If your business is growing, that’s great news! However, if your growing business is using all-purpose, popular accounting software, such as QuickBooks, there’s a good chance that you will soon need a software that can better manage your growth. This is where Sage 100cloud ERP is a ... Learn More