Financial IT Solutions

Due to increasing competition, financial institutions are forced to improve operational efficiencies, control costs, manage risk and generate new business growth.

Yeo & Yeo Computer Consulting provides consulting and IT services to banks, credit unions and other financial institutions, helping you tackle your most critical issues. Let us help you get the right IT infrastructure in place so your organization can more readily address regulations, risk and security issues. With the right infrastructure, through a YeoCare Managed Service designed for your needs, you can develop new products, reduce customer turnover, minimize costs and maximize productivity. In addition, you can leverage outsourcing opportunities to reduce overhead, while still enjoying the scalability you need to support future growth.
Having over 30 years serving Yeo & Yeo CPAs, other Public Accounting Firms, numerous banks and credit unions has provided YYCC with the experience and insight to meet the mission-critical technology needs of our financial industry clients.