Backup and Disaster Recovery

Secure and Safe Data

We always like to ask this question when talking Backup and Disaster Recovery; "In the event of a disaster, is your data offsite and secure?" It's an important question to think about, especially when your organization's future is at stake. Think about this, according to a study from the University of Texas, 94 percent of companies that suffer catastrophic data loss do not survive. So, would your organization survive a disaster?


The future of backup is here now! The days of tape and drive rotation that involve the human element and the chances of error that come with it are over. Backup using cloud technology makes for a painless and seamless process with fewer errors and better efficiency. That's the way backup should be.

Disaster Recovery

Disasters happen in many ways. When you're talking about IT, that could be a natural disaster or, more commonly, human error. All it takes is one misguided, innocent, click to lose it all. Sometimes backup just isn't enough. Having a disaster recovery option allows you to get your organization up and running as fast as possible.