Human Resource Management 

Employees are an organization’s biggest expense. They are also the most valuable assets. Having a good human resources software allows companies to take care of their employees with a suite of services to help empower and retain the best talent. Sage HRMS gives HR departments the ability to actively support company objectives while improving efficiency.

If you have previous experience with the Sage Abra Suite, Sage HRMS is the next evolution in software and can easily be migrated from Abra Suite. All of the familiar core HR features are there including:

  • Payroll Management and Processing
  • Recruiting and onboarding
  • Risk mitigation and compliance
  • Time and attendance management
  • Employee benefits and management
  • Paperless HR
  • Talent management
  • Decision support

Sage HRMS has been outfitted with a number of improvements including integration with Sage 100c.

When it comes to your HR software, payroll may be the most important. With Sage HRMS Payroll Management and Processing, payroll is made easy. All payroll processes are mapped out but HR staff can update and make changes as needed.

ERP Features and Add-ons